About the Author

psteylPauw Steyl (b 1942, Swellendam) has a keen interest in postal history. He is a profound student and researcher and leaves very few stones unturned in his postal history research. Various authoritative articles were already published in The South African Philatelist, premier stamp magazine in South Africa, and The Transvaal Philatelist, magazine of the Transvaal Study Circle in London. For this he received several awards.

At the 60th Congress of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa, held in Johannesburg on 22 October 1998 during the course of the Ilsapex International Philatelic Exihibition, he was awarded the Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion for philatelic excellence. At various national exhibitions his collection of the postal history of the original George District gained large and gold awards , five times the David Crocker Cup for the best postal history exhibit and the CED Enoch Trophy for best philatelic research . In 1999 he was accredited as full national judge of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa and served on national juries: Algoapex 2002 in Port Elizabeth and Stampex 2003 in Johannesburg.

With the Post-cart through Houtteniqualandt, Kannaland and the Lange Kloof is a book full of surprises and very informative. It tells the intriguing story of the development of the postal services in the original George District including the districts of George, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn and Uniondale for the period (1811- 1911). The interesting text reads easily. The weal and woe of postmasters, postal agents, post-contractors and post-drivers and even the humorous incidents provide excellent reading-matter.